Work Different

Jenny Assheton-Smith

An opinion piece on how taking a different approach to running and managing your professional practice can be your differentiator.

You hear it all the time, read it in all the literature – what’s your USP? What’s your differentiator? When you did your firm’s website, when you engage new clients, even also when you interview new hires!

Many times you may frustratedly or irritatedly think – we do law – law is law. There is process and rules and statutes and case law and billing and bills to pay, mouths to feed – that’s what law firms do.

Working in the dark

Ehrm, well, that’s not the whole truth. Law is all those things but there are so many ways to differentiate your firm, yourself and your services.

As business experts, we know that starting with your identity is the key, and that that identity should speak to the firms values and how services are delivered to your clients.

But delivering services and not having any insight into how that translates into all those practical things that came to mind earlier is a lonely and precarious place to be in, and that’s why just knowing who you are and what you are to your clients and potential clients must be supported by taking a different approach to how law firms have been traditionally run.

Light the way to success

At Drive Revenue we have adopted a Work ● Different approach to our practice management solutions. Financial information is great – to see past performance. It does not necessarily translate well into future performance. As professionals running a law firm you need to know that the lifeblood of the firm (WIP, cashflow, new instructions, to name a few indicators) is flowing strong and steady. You need to know in a click how much the client you’re on a call with owes you, how much is still in WIP for their matter, whether you have cover for costs, and whether you are about to exceed the cost estimate you gave them.

We’ve left behind the “it’s always been done like this” mantra, applied our vast service industry experience and made it easy for professionals to once more be at the helm of the firm’s destiny. No more asking the secretaries to please check with accounting how much has already been billed on this matter, how much is in work in progress and also to find that damn email with the estimate! Oh and also – has the client paid even?

Our software is easy to use, is real-time therefore always up to date, and our automated functions, built-in machine learning and AI significantly reduces data processing time.

Accountants love our comprehensive list of reports that can be re-printed any time for any period and trust audits are a breeze.

Give us a shout to see how we can transform your practice into a lean, mean profit making machine.